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Gardens of Cretan Malia Park resort, Crete

Be part of the mediterranean responsible living

Sustainability is the philosophy of our eco hotel in Crete

Inspired by our unique and beautiful surroundings and the simplistic, harmonious island way of life, here at Cretan Malia Park sustainability is at the heart of our philosophy. We practice and develop environmental measures in accordance with the international model ISO 14001, maintaining the highest standards at all times for the benefit of our guests and the precious nature that makes our location so special.
Cretan Malia Park is proud to have been placed amongst the 10 most environmentally friendly hotels worldwide with various awards, including the Kuoni Travel Green Planet Award, the Hotelplan Environmental Award and the Blue Flag for our beautiful private beach. 
Every year since 1997, the hotel has also won a TUI Umwelt Champion Award. We are delighted by the international recognition of our high environmental standards; below are just some examples of our sustainable practices.

Experiences that reinvent Cretan Hospitality and honor Mediterranean Responsible Living

​Organic Kitchen Garden
Wine Tastings
Cooking Lessons
Cultural Activities
Cretan Soul Event
Garden Tours
Destination Discoveries

Activities at Cretan Malia Park

Our Commitments


Our people reflect who we are at our core. They embody our values with a professional, heartfelt and warm approach, staying true to our roots, Crete’s history, traditions and soul. This way we offer a truthful experience to our guests.


Our values are embodied in our behavior. We actively engage in reducing our environmental impact, ensuring our guests and people satisfaction and wellbeing. Our resorts are operated with a commitment to the certifications of ISO14001, ISO9001, Travelife and HACCP.


We believe in operating in favor of the local communities. We support local employment and purchases and actively engage in community service. Through our guest events and kids’ activities we promote local customs, stories and products of the area.


Cretan Diet as the basis of the famous Mediterranean diet inspires all our concepts. Handpicked organic, fresh vegetables from our own gardens and seasonal, local produce is a highlight in all our restaurants. This concept is translated into health benefits for our guests and the earth.


Our design and architecture are a product of the careful study of the island’s history, nature and materials. Inspired by the surroundings, we try to use sustainable materials with a preference to those that are locally sourced and recyclable. 

Cat at Cretan Malia Park

The Cat Café

The Cat Café is a designated area for caring for local stray cats. We provide purified water, food and shelter for our furry friends, and we also neuter and sterilise them (indicated by a clip on the cat’s left ear). Please only feed cats in the dedicated Cat Café area to encourage the cats to eat there and not in the restaurant or guest rooms. Please don’t feed the cats with restaurant food; special cat food can be purchased in the supermarket.
We hope you enjoy meeting our four-legged friends!

TUI Environmental Champions Award 2019

With our excellent performance in sustainable hotel management, we've convinced both our guests and the auditors.

The TUI Environmental Champions 2019 award, received for one more year, is a distinguished achievement in the area of sustainability and shows the commitment of our team towards driving sustainable tourism forward.

Travelife Gold Award 2019

We're proud to announce that we've received for one more year the Travelife Gold Certification,
for demonstrating our commitment to sustainability. Our activities include:

  • Protecting the environment
  • Respecting and treating our employees fairly
  • Respecting the local community, including its residents and the
  • safeguard of children
  • Protecting the local culture, heritage and wildlife of the
  • destination
  • Supporting the local economy and its businesses

Be part of the Mediterranean Responsible Living

Sustainability report 2017

Click below to view the Sustainability report of year 2017.

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