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Spa treatment room at Cretan Malia Park
Gym at Cretan Malia Park
Spa treatment room at Cretan Malia Park
Yoga at Cretan Malia Park


Unwind at our spa resort in Crete

Lie back and succumb to the simplicity and charm of your surroundings, nourishing your wellbeing and sharing every blissful moment with your loved ones in this authentic paradise. Close your eyes and drift off under the blue skies and warm sun to the sound of the ocean lapping at the shore, or the breeze stirring the trees… As one of the most unique and inviting spa hotels in Crete, Greece, Cretan Malia Park Hotel is the perfect option for guests looking for pure relaxation.

Spa treatment room at Cretan Malia Park

Our Cute Spa

​Our new spa is here to rejuvenate and relax you in body, mind and soul. Epitomising the hotel’s holistic approach to wellbeing, appreciation for the Mediterranean’s natural beauty and riches, and our simplistic yet sophisticated approach to living, a visit to the spa is a highlight of any stay at Cretan Malia Park.

With indoor and outdoor treatment rooms, you can lie back, feel the gentle sea breeze through your fingers, smell the heady scent of pine trees and succumb to true bliss with a divine spa experience.

Yoga Area at Cretan Malia Park

Daily Classes

Relaxation is inevitable at Cretan Malia Park. Whether you wish to watch the day go by from a tree-slung hammock or a lounger next to one of our various swimming pools, or perhaps you prefer to join our daily classes, which include yoga, Pilates, aqua gym and more, there is something for everybody here in our Cretan paradise.

Slide effortlessly into the slow pace of island life, unwind and embrace the peaceful retreat of Cretan Malia Park.

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